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Slot Cars

Here is a copy of the Slotman Track Designer. I had great difficulty finding a copy on the internet, so I decided to post here to help other people. It is not the most pretty track designer, but it works, you can customize it, you can do all the important jobs. It can work out what extra pieces you need to build a new layout, it can be told what track pieces you have.

Slotman can do Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco, Cartronic, Faller, Fleischmann, Maerklin, Ninco, Prefo, Tyco and other Slot Car Tracks . . . Best of all it is possible to add other Slot Car Track Systems if its not in the library. The stock zip file has all of the track systems, so you do not need any other files. Slotman is windoze software, BUT it also runs on Linux if use Wine.

Garden Slot Car Layout

If you want to know about my Carerra Garden Slot Car Track experiment, then I posted about it in the Slot Car Forum as the thread Garden Carrera Layout. The principle is similar to a Garden Model Railway. It is my first attempt, and so far as I know it is unique. I know of one other outdoor circuit, but it is on a raised table, not laid in the actual garden flower bed . . . This is only made possible because Carerra Track uses Stainless Steel, do not try this with other makes like Scalextric. Being outdoors does cause problems with the little scenic touches, as many materials modelers use indoors are not suitable for outdoor use. Also a Garden Slot Car track needs to take into count things like gales, rain, and other hazzards that apply outdoors but not indoors. The track is sheltered, but before the Landscaping the wind did get under the track and pulled it apart. The track needs tiny, tiny holes in the slot to let out the rain water. So an outdoor Garden Slot Car track is very different to conventional Slot Car Tracks.

spring grass

Garden Slot Car Track

Crazy Fun Circuit

This circuit is entertaining fun, really hard to drive quick. It is made out of R4 carrera curves, so that big curve is about 6 foot 6 in diameter. I made this just for FUN.

Crazy Track

Video of early test track

Lot 2 Learn (mp4 video) right click save as . . .

HTML 5 Video player

Landscaping the Slot Car Track

Added breeeze blocks, to support the track, and create an edge like a flower bed. Then added a couple of tons of top soil. Lastly, added some cheap grass seed.

Garden Slot Car Track

Quick Dirty Test